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Carrefour answers for the pro independence videos

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Following a barrage of complaints, the Director of Institutional Operations has responded to complainants by committing to neutrality         
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José A. Ruiz 10/01/2021 2720

Perhaps we'll never know whose decision was to broadcast in a loop through the closed circuit television of the electronics department those images of Catalonia sprinkled with independence acts that we made public in this article. What we do know is that Carrefour's director of institutional operations in Catalonia has responded to complaints from several clients who have contacted his department in protest at the politicization of the Gavà center. This is an excerpt from his answer:

"As soon as we were aware of his suggestion, we removed the images, always respecting neutrality, and replaced them with others"
It should be said that for this type of case, Carrefour's response is correct, and some of the complainants have expressed their satisfaction with the response, taking into account that the reported propaganda action may not necessarily have been the result of the policy of the company, since it could be due to the particular ideology of the person responsible for the emission of contents of the electronics department of the Gavà center.
On the other hand, we must also bear in mind the continuous tug of war that Carrefour has with its customers, especially in terms of signage, given that it has received numerous complaints for excluding or minimizing Spanish (the most widely spoken language in Catalonia) from signage of its centers in Catalonia, and although in its day it answered these claims promising to rectify the truth is that it "relapsed" again less than a year ago, renewing the posters of centers such as the Carrefour on Manuel Girona street, in Barcelona, ​​and again excluding Spanish from the labeling, which shows that the nationalist "tics" that appear from time to time in their centers may not be as isolated cases as they would have us believe.
Hopefully, on this occasion the purpose of neutrality is sincere and the company puts the interest of its clients above the ideology of some of its managers.


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