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Torra reminds nationalists that they should not be happy because they are oppressed

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The secessionist president asks his followers that when they return from vacation don't forget how angry they are         
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José A. Ruiz 05/09/2019 2216
In exclusive statements to TV3% and Catalunya Rabio, the landlord of Puigdemont has called on his faithful to "not forget how angry you are with the oppressive state" and has asked them to remember the painful conditions of their exiles, such as the "legitimatepresident" Puigdemont, the Republican who took refuge in the Belgian monarchy and who endures a hard exile in his palace, or Anna Gabriel, the brave anti-capitalist who fled to the most capitalist country in the world when no one is still pursuing her today.
"Holidays are a blow to our cause." The current President of the Generalitat has admitted. "People disconnect, they go to their town or the beach, they have a good time and relax, and that doesn't suit us." Our children return happy for the time spent with their families and that is not correct. You cannot allow a child to be happy in the current situation, or they will forget that they live oppressed.
Then Torra has dedicated an emotional memory to Oriol Junqueras and the rest of the politicians who apparently are not imprisoned for attempting against democracy and attempting a coup d'etat, but for their ideas, even if Rufián or Torra himself have the same ideas and are free and prospering for doing nothing.
In short, Torra has given a week to the nationalist collective to forget the good memories of the holidays, remember that "spainstealsfromus" and "everytingismadridsfault", wishing everyone who hears a good dose of anger to form his desired "totalitarian tsunami" .. Oops! sorry: "democratic tsunami".

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