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7 tips so that your Catalan business does not suffer with the Torra's 'hot autumn'

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Professional businessmen offer their experience so that the Catalan stampede of investors and street fighting do not negatively affect your business.         
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José A. Ruiz 13/06/2019 1991

The confidence of the Catalan business community in the solidity of the industrial fabric of their region is complete. However, given the repeated warnings from Quim Torra that they will "do it again" in reference to disobedience to the Spanish government and to the conflict in the streets, it's worth reviewing the preparations carried out by the business elites to ensure that the announced nationalist apocalypse does not affect its benefits.

So we have consulted a group of businessmen about the measures that can help us to alleviate the possible consequences of the civil confrontations that nationalism prepares for this September and October. The interview took place in the Barcelona Sants station, where the businessmen interviewed wore trench coats with their necks raised, their hats pulled forward and thick dark glasses. They have offered us the following tips that we offer you as a scoop:
  • Move your headquarters. But do it in silent mode. The best way is 'to make a Puigdemont', that is, you tell your customers (especially those in the yellow tie) that 'in September we'll see you in the office', and then don't stop running until you get to Brussels (Or in this case, to Madrid).
  • Book tickets for the AVE. You'll appreciate it. Forget about the airlift and get in the capital in what takes to watch two chapters of your favorite show. And if you book early you can get discounts, even (as it's the case) for a one-way ticket.
  • Put your flat for sale. The speculative interests of Russian funds favor a good real estate quote despite the business exodus, so the key is to sell fast before they begin to fall.
  • Find a flat in Madrid. That's a difficult task. The capital of Spain is attracting the talent and investments that leave Barcelona, ​​so don't expect to benefit from the change of housing. Fortunately, Madrid is huge and its growth is not limited by the sea, so you will surely find an adequate quality-price ratio.
  • Move your accounts. Another classic. In these times of digitalization it doesn't seem very necessary to move the savings to another entity, but the legal security that your office in Alcalá gives you is not given by the Arc de Triomf ATM. You can start opening the accounts in Caja Madrid a month before, and when everything is done, transfer, liquidation and that's all.
  • Buy a good suitcase. Or two. King-Sizes are the best and with their practical wheels can be carried without problems.
  • Don't get overwhelmed with the things you're going to miss from Catalonia. In Madrid you'll also find all i oli, bread with tomato and everything good, because good things have no borders. You'll also find many Catalan businessmen like you. And you want to label your business in Catalan, you can do it. There are no linguistic fines in Madrid.
If you follow these simple tips, you'll achieve that the activity of your Catalan business does not suffer because of the 'hot autumn' promised by the President of the Generalitat of Catalonia.

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