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Puigdemont caught having dinner in Brussels with someone who might NOT be a terrorist

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The meeting took place last Thursday night in a restaurant in the Belgian capital         
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José A. Ruiz 03/09/2019 1768
In fact the news jumped to the media two days ago in small digital newspapers of little reputation, since its little likelihood caused that the big media questioned its authenticity. It's known that most of the meetings of the VFEP (Very Fled Ex-President) are with exterrorists like his great friend Fredi Bentanachs (founder of the terrorist group Terra Lliure) Natividad Jáuregui (accused of killing for the terrorist group ETA) or with his lawyer Gonzalo Boye (convicted for collaborating in a kidnapping also for ETA) but the rumor has ended being a certainty. A French tourist managed to capture with his mobile the snapshot of an informal dinner in a restaurant in the center of Brussels between the VFEP Puigdemont and a gentleman in an exclusive table of the Tonton Garby, the most emblematic restaurant in Brussels.
At first the tourist, who recognized the fled ex-president by his appearances in the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo (who tends to be taken aback by him) didn't give much importance to the meeting, which he posted on his twitter with the comment "Puigdemont will be an exile, but he knows where to eat".  That publication barely generated likes.
However, in the forums for independence, the curiosity of the faithful regarding the companion of the VFEP, soon awoke. Would it be Arnaldo Otegui? It couldn't be, the exterrorist and referring to Puigdemont was taller than that man. Maybe Puigdemont was preparing the next "country strike" with the usual organizer of these events, the ex-terrorist Carles Sastre (Epoca, Terra Lliure).. but no, the hair was different. There was also his friend and protege, the rapper Valtonyc, who wasn't a terrorist but was condemned for glorifying terrorism, and that also gave him pedigree, but he was too young. And Puigdemont's lawyer, the ex-convict for terrorism Gonzalo Boye, who had no hair at all, was also discarded ...
The alarm began to grow in the ranks of the PDECAT as the list of terrorists and ex-terrorists was exhausted. They began to look for the unknown in the lists of the Belgian NV-A and those of the Italian Lega Norte, with the hope that at least he was one of those radicals of the European far right who support Puigdemont, but there was no luck. Would it be possible for the leader, the "presidentlegitim", to be reunited with someone free of radicalism, without a history of death, kidnapping or at least violence? Did he show so little respect for the cause? So much detachment to his customs?
Finally the investigations paid off when the French tourist himself posted on his twitter a video of the same night in which he accidentally recorded part of the conversation between Puigdemont and his mysterious companion. We offer in exclusive the part that has been understood, translated.
- MISTERIOUS MAN: It's three months, now. My ............ can't give you more time. It's considering other offers.
- PUIGDEMONT: Tell ............. patience. I'll be able to pay him soon!
- HM: My boss doesn't share your optimism. Your financing means have not responded as you expected.
- PDM: The Council of the r .............. well at the beginning, but then the inscriptions fell, and I collected barely nothing.
- HM: I see, and the ballots were not very good either. Look, there are more people interested in the Waterloo mansion. People who CAN pay the rent ..
- PDM: I'll reactivate "La Crida"!
- HM: Do you think you can do it? People don't trust you anymore.
- PDM: You don't know them as I do. Tonight I'll notify Torra and tomorrow they'll be paying the fee..
- HM: It doesn't convince me ...
- PDM: Well, if you are not convinced... you must know that I also have other offers.
- HM: What offers?
- PDM: A house that is twice as big for € 1500 per month.
- HM: In Waterloo? Impossible!
- PDM: It's not in Waterloo. It's in Thailand ..
These are the phrases that have been understood. For now the identity of the interlocutor remains a secret, but the leadership of PDECAT has called for calm and has tried to encourage its followers by stating that the manners of Puigdemont's interlocutor are similar to those of a "hit man", and that it can't be ruled out that he may have, despite everything, a terrorist past.

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