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Party on TV3 because Puigdemont could evade justice longer

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The directors of nationalist television celebrate that their boss may not have to answer for its crimes for a little more time.         
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José A. Ruiz 19/12/2019 1331
Vicent Sanchís, director of TV3, has stated that he's very happy with the sentence on the immunity of Junqueras. Speaking to "The impartial independentist" said: "We already know that this doesn't mean that Junqueras is innocent and Puigdemont even less, in fact the coup d'etat was seen by everyone on TV, but we're happy that at least "Puchi" will be able to spend more time without answering for his crimes, and that can give us time to reach independence. Let's see if we can build a wall between Catalonia and Castellón so I have an excuse not to have dinner with my family for Christmas".
The truth it's already late for Junqueras, because he has been tried and convicted and, as the sentence says, his situation is not affected. In any case, nationalist lawyers have called for the entire trial to be annulled and for everyone to go outside. "We already know that this is not going to happen, because it would be stupid, since one thing has nothing to do with the other, but look, we are on a roll and with Pedro Sanchez in between, anything can happen", said the well-known collaborator of TV3 and ETA Gonzalo Boye, who has requested the repeal of the Spanish Constitution and the Human Rights Charter.
However, for Puigdemont, this sentence could indeed mean free mobility for Europe, which has been celebrated by the head of his fan club, Pilar Rahola. "This demonstrates my thesis that the strategy of fleeing through the Pyrenees without notifying others was the most intelligent. It should now be established in Perpignan. Surely the French government will be very excited. I'm very proud of my boss".
Rahola has interrupted this interview to run back to work, because she says she's "middle class in distress" and that she has to pay the taxes of his Cadaqués villa.

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