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Emotional tribute from Catalan nationalism to the leader of the ERE in the Camp Nou

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Secessionists hung a banner at Camp Nou in protest over the imprisonment of the leader of the ERE of Andalusia         
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José A. Ruiz 29/11/2019 1695
A group of Catalan nationalists unfolded a giant banner on Camp Nou last Wednesday that read "ONLY DICTATORSHIPS JAIL PEACEFUL POLITICAL LEADERS" (Only dictatorships imprison peaceful political leaders). The former president of the Junta de Andalucía, José Antonio Griñán, recently sentenced to six years in jail for prevarication and continued embezzlement, has immediately felt identified, since, in his words "as president of the Board I was unequivocally a political leader and, although I have embezzled everything that has been embezzled, it has always been peacefully and without throwing a paper on the ground, so it seems clear to me that this banner is a support for my person". On the other hand, the former president has lamented that the fact of displaying the banner contradicts the message a bit, since "in a dictatorship they would not really leave us .."
Griñán aspires to achieve the freedom enjoyed by some Catalan "persecuted politicians" like Pujol or Millet, of which he's an admirer, so has effusively thanked the Catalan nationalists for their support. "I have always felt very wrapped up in them", Griñán says with emotion. "With their yellow ribbons, they show that political prisoners like me can skip the law and carve in full hands as long as we don't exercise phisical violence personally". The former regional president has had to interrupt his allegation, prey to emotion.
It should be noted that in the football match, and without having any relationship with the banner, dozens of flags were also exhibited in support of the Catalan secessionist cause. This media tried to ask some of its bearers about the presence of these symbols during the game, but most of the interviewees didn't know how to respond, since they were foreign citizens who affirmed that "a man with a red cap had given the flag to them and they thought it was for warm if it cooled".

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