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Complete list of NGOs that support the Catalan 'Political Prisoners'

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There are around 200 non-governmental organizations in the world that defend human rights, and their opinion is key to separatist theses.         
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José A. Ruiz 28/05/2019 3301
Catalan separatism has long sought to counteract the diplomatic whiplash that meant that the main human rights organizations, such as Amnesty International or Human Rights Watch, affirmed that there are no "political prisoners" or "prisoners of conscience" in Spain, in reference to Sanchez and Cuixart (by the siege in Vía Layetana) and Junqueras, Romeva, Rull, Turull and others (for the attempted coup).
Since then, Spain has not done more than receive support from reports and institutions that support its level of democracy and the quality of its judicial system (Report V-DEM 2019, French Manifesto, Human Rights Report, Statements by the EC Vice-President, Ranking from The Economist ..)
Finally, nationalism has been able to present the list of NGOs that support their thesis that the judged politicians are, in fact, "political prisoners". The list is the following:
NGOs that denounce that there are political prisoners in Spain:
End of the list
Although this is an ironic piece of news, we have to refer to two recent and related news. The sentence of Strasbourg, which supports the action of Spanish justice, and the alleged request of the UN asking for the release of the prisoners. The UN really has not asked for anything. A working group that collaborates with the UN, specializing in "arbitrary" detentions, considers that preventive detention was not indicated. The criterion of this group is not binding and do not come to assess the charges that politicians face or, of course, whether or not they should be considered "political prisoners" or "conscience prisoners". Therefore, this ironic article is still fully valid.


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