Special Warning

What to do regarding the incidents scheduled for this December 21?

Ways CDRs plan to sabotage. Most in the Tabarnia area.         
20/12/2018 534
This Friday, December 21 the independence movement will try to paralyze Catalonia through sabotage, fear and coercion. The encouragement of the separatist leaders and the complicity of the media subsidized by the secessionist regime will give impunity to the violent ones to cut roads, threaten and intimidate, getting in many parts of Catalonia a hundred radicals with strong institutional support to embitter Christmas and sabotage the operation out to hundreds of thousands of peaceful Catalans. Its objective is to provoke confrontations and to be able to capture images in which they can appear as victims.
Ways of communication that pretend to sabotage:
Border to La Jonquera
Border to Vinarós
Frontera to Aragó
Port of Tarragona
Barcelona's port
AP7 to Girona
Airport of Barcelona
Ronda de Litoral
Round of dalt
Diagonal / Pg Gràcia
C25 Manresa
Reus Airport
What is your role?
As in previous occasions:
- Try to live this Friday as another normal day.
- If the violent ones intimidate you, do not confront them.
- If they provoke you, do not answer.
- If you observe illegal acts, record them on video with your mobile phone and send the videos to any means of communication not subsidized by separatism (sending them to TV3 would be useless).
Live your life - DO NOT face it - Record and report
Remember the advice we gave for the past October 1:

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