Special Warning

This October 27 in Barcelona, democratic response

If you think that the situation of these days in Catalonia needs a massive response, you can't miss it         
22/10/2019 1539

We have seen Catalonia burn, President Torra deny the violence, broadcasted on TV, that nationalism has encouraged. We have seen children and young people convinced that they were fighting an undemocratic and fascist enemy without realizing reality. Our beautiful region is subject to the dictatorship of fear and its rulers threaten to increase the challenge and definitively abandon democracy. Won't this deserve an answer?

Go and make your voice heard:

Sunday 10 / 27 / 2019 - 12:00

Paseo de Gracia - Provenza

For coexistence and harmony among all Spaniards

From Onda Layetana we support the call of Societat Civil Catalana. Only if we go massively on Sunday 27 to Barcelona can we remind the independentists that Catalonia belongs to everyone, to the rest of Spaniards that nationalism doesn't represent us and to Europe that the supremacists are not a majority.
Democracy is not optional. We have to go.
For the coexistence. For the future of our children.
We are counting on you!

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