Vice-president of the EC: 'In Spain there's no discrimination for Political Ideas'

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José A. Ruiz 03/02/2019 864
Faced with the accusations of Catalan nationalism that the leaders of the "Procés" are being judged in Spain for their ideas, the Vice President of the European Commission, Frans Timmermans, has stated that in Spain "there is no discrimination of treatment for political ideas," according to Europa Press.
This new support from the European Commission joins the rest of the statements in defense of the impartiality of the Spanish justice system that has made, once again, the level of democracy in Spain to obtain the qualification of "full democracy" (expression that Timmermans has emphasized) in all international rankings.
The vice president of the European Commission has stressed that all citizens have the same rights "including questioning the constitution and wanting to change it", but "what they can't do is ignore it or violate it", referring to the next trial of the nationalist leaders for the coup attempt, and has notified that this is the official position of the European Commission regarding respect for the law.
The trial of the leaders of the "procés" promises to be a media event with a great international coverage and that will last for months, something that catalan nationalism wants to take advantage of in order to internationalize its cause, but which also means that the whole world can know aspects of the uprising that the propaganda machinery has not divulged internationally, such as the anti-democratic conditions in which the illegal referendum of October 1 was raised, the violation of the rights of the unionist parliamentary opposition on September 6 and 7, 2017 or the elimination of the separation of powers in the "disconnection laws" that granted plenipotentiary powers to the president of the Generalitat, who at the time was Carles Puigdemont. A series of facts that can make international actors who still show sympathy for the supposedly oppressed nationalists to come to the conclusion that they have been deceived.

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