V centenary of the 'Universal Catalan Empire'

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José A. Ruiz 28/01/2019 2177
The Institut Nova Historia (the nationalist state structure dedicated to "restoring the true history of Catalonia") is currently celebrating the fifth centenary of the "Universal Catalan Empire". Basing a story that would make the best historians of the world blush with shame (the British historian Henry Kamen has sometimes denounced the distortion of history by Catalan institutions), the Institut Nova Historia preaches and commemorates it in this calendar that promote on its website. If the Institut Nova Historia is to the historiography what the Saturday Night Live on the television grill, Jordi Bilbeny would be the Eddie Murphy of the institution, his greatest comedian, able to sign articles like this without blushing, attributing to that fictional "Universal Catalan Empire" not only the merits of the Crown of Aragon, but also those of Castile and, of course, the rest of Spain.
This new concept is another milestone, this time very difficult to overcome, from the creators of "Colón, Leonardo Da Vinci and Cervantes were Catalans", "Don Quixote was written in Catalan" or "Francis Drake was probably Catalan".
The fashion of catalanizing everything is not new, but it has reached its maximum splendor with the "procés", with allegations such as the one made by collaborator of TV3, Quico Sallés, stating that the tradition of Halloween is Catalan, and that it was already practiced in the flats of Vic , from where it jumped to Ireland and later to the United States.
But if we have to refer to someone accustomed to reciting this type of historiography-fiction without letting out a smile, we will be talking about Victor Cucurull, a character whose interventions are youtube flesh because of the hilariousness of his conclusions.
Although the really surprising in all these cases is the seriousness with which some of the followers of this institution receive each of these news, and also the fact that broadcasters like Cucurull are always close to the leaders of the "procés" (the cameras recently showed Quim Torra in the company of Cucurull in Montserrat during his fasting in solidarity with the politicians imprisoned for the attempted coup d'état).
Anyway, even the pro-independence sometimes have to smile skeptically (this is evident by comments at the foot of the articles of Bilbeny) reading the occurrences of an institution that is paid with the money of all Catalans and encourages a fake epic and glorious past, like so many fascist regimes did before.

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