Two years since the Catalan coup attempt

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On September 6, 2017, the totalitarian laws that initiated the coup attempt began to be promulgated         
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José A. Ruiz 06/09/2019 2194
Catalan nationalism devotes enormous efforts to sanctify the date of October 1, 2017 as the day of the challenge to the Spanish state, origin of the macrocause of the secessionist process and visual example of "repression on a peaceful movement". However, the coup attempt was executed in three stages: First through the promulgation of totalitarian laws on September 6 and 7, 2017, then through the aforementioned and exalted staging of October 1 of the same year, and finally through the unilateral declaration of independence of October 10, 2017. Curiously, this last date has not been largely in the memory of the Catalan nationalists, being replaced by the visual epic of October 1, while the constitutionalists can't forget the 6 and 7 of September. On October 10, the day of the unilateral declaration of independence, despite the fear and illusion that the Catalans of both sides experienced, it was nothing more than a "touch and flight" whose performance caused more shame than pride among nationalism.
But let's go back to the events that concerns us and find out why on the 6th and 7th there was the strongest blow that struck against democracy.
First, those days the rights of the opposition were violated. In chaotic and desperate sessions, nationalism first twisted and then skipped its own laws to prevent the legitimate action of the opposition. Many speak of "trampling on the right of minorities," but that's not entirely true. In those days the parliamentary minority represented the majority of voters, that is, 53% of the Catalans, while the parliamentary majority that imposed their will by skipping their own laws only represented 47% of the "Catalan people". Therefore the rights of minorities were not trampled on. The rights of the MAJORITY of the citizens of Catalonia were trampled on.
Then, then totalitarian "disconnection laws" were drafted. And "totalitarian" is not a word that should be used lightly. Three key points clearly demonstrate the true nature of these laws.
1st. A new Catalan legislation was demarcated "that would not have any other law over it." A legislation that would not be subject to any other. Neither to the Statute of Catalonia, nor to the Spanish constitution, nor to the UN Resolutions, nor to the very Charter of Human Rights. There was no law, neither human nor divine, that could contradict a comma of what was agreed in the Catalan parliament. It should be noted that this point is almost a tracing of the "enabling law" with which Hitler cemented his power when he went from being a democratically elected representative to a totalitarian leader with absolute powers.
2nd. The separation of powers was suppressed. Not as clearly as in the previous point, but with indisputable effects. The voting percentages were established in the election of the judges among the different bodies so that the sum of which granted a comfortable permanent absolute majority to the president of the Generalitat. In fact, if the coup had prospered, Carles Puigdemont could have appointed and dismissed the Catalan judges at will.
3rd. Crimes from those related to the new regime could be forgiven by law. In order to reach this, a law was contemplated with which the new government could pardon any nationalist claiming "services to the country". Without any other requirements.
We could develop these points and many others, such as that the new nationalist regime tried to outlaw parties that questioned the new constitution or wanted to promote the division of Catalonia (a law that exists in the German constitution and that if it existed in the Spanish would mean immediate illegalization of the nationalist parties) but with what is described here it's enough to understand why these days that nationalism now strives to forget, are those that constitute, beyond all doubt, a dangerous blow to the same bases of the democracy.

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