Torra keeps the Cross of Sant Jordi for De Gispert

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The Generalitat refuses to question her for her xenophobic messages         
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José A. Ruiz 02/05/2019 1401
The President of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, remains obstinate in maintaining the concession of the increasingly devalued Cross of Sant Jordi (the highest award that is granted from the Catalan institutions) to Nuria de Gispert.
The proposal of the former president of the Parliament of Catalonia until 2015 for the highest Catalan award was questioned from the very first day because of her known xenophobic attacks against several politicians not related to nationalism. Inés Arrimadas has been one of her most habitual targets, and her repetitive tweets inviting her to "get off to Andalusia" more than known. But the leader of the most voted party in Catalonia is not the only recipient of their insults, but also Dolors Montserrat, Enric Millo, Carlos Girauta and others have also had to endure that the postconvergence separatist would equate them with "pigs" in a tweet about the increase of the meat export in Catalonia, taking place these last offenses when she had already been proposed for the Cross of Sant Jordi, and being already rejected by the own parliament of Catalonia for its insulting and excluding expressions.
Despite everything, Quim Torra refuses to question the award, which is not surprising given his own history of openly racist insults in journalistic articles and tweets in which he calls non-Catalan Spaniards "beasts in human form", and of having a "genetic tare" to those Catalans who do not follow the slogans of the nationalist regime. Related thoughts tend to defend themselves.
It's another discredit to the once prestigious Cross of Sant Jordi, which currently rewards mainly the affects of nationalism, reason why figures awarded with this distinction as director Isabel Coixet or actress Rosa Maria Sardà no longer gives any merit to it, until the point of making Rosa María Sardà herself go in person to the Generalitat to give it back.

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