Torra gives Catalans 10 days to go on vacation before possible confinement

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If after that period the contagions do not drop, he could close the "borders"         
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José A. Ruiz 27/07/2020 2284

The headline that Quim Torra wanted to leave in his last appearance wasn't exactly the one heading this article, but it's surely what most Catalans who have planned to go on vacation this August have understood.

Ten days. Being at July 27 is practically a guarantee that there will be no perimeter confinement until August 6, at which time the Catalan population could be confined if the rate of contagion does not decrease. This long notice doesn't make much sense in the current context in which a slight variation in the speed of infections has caused London to paralyze tourism to Spain with only a few hours to spare, unless what Torra intends is, precisely, to say to the Catalans (and more specifically to those in the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona with family in the rest of Spain) that they will have their August vacation.
As we mentioned in a previous article, Quim Torra doesn't want to confine the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona, ​​because messing up the vacations of three and a half million people in the middle of the electoral campaign (and nationalism only lives in campaign) would be very damaging for the interests of his boss, Puigdemont, so this measure could guarantee not only the departure, but also the return, since a fifteen-day confinement that began on August 6 would end in time to allow the return of the Catalans to their habitual residence to resume their activity.
The irony of the measure is in the phrase "if the rate of contagion doesn't decrease", since after the more than foreseeable mass exodus in the first days of August it's highly likely that contagions in Catalonia will decrease considerably, since they will be distributed for the rest of Spain, a subject that Torra has touched tangentially when asking people to "be careful and minimize their contacts" when visiting their family. Two solutions in one, and both cheap. Make Catalans in the metropolitan area less angry and contagions less concentrated in Catalonia.
Electorally? It may ease the blow a little. Epidemiologically? A disaster, that's for sure.

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