TheSelf-Responsible Certificate of the Generalitat could be illegal

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The Government of Catalonia would invade state powers and the Community of Madrid plans to do the same         
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José A. Ruiz 21/03/2020 3121

The original purpose of this article was to disseminate the initiative of the Generalitat regarding the Self-Responsible Certificate, but just minutes after the launch we received information that the document proposed by the Generalitat could be illegal given that it invades state powers.

In the original content of this article, we congratulated the Generalitat de Catalunya (first time we had a reason to do so) for their idea of ​​creating a document that would enable citizens to detail the reason and itinerary for their displacement to facilitate police control. But the information received indicates that this idea (which is a good one, we continue to defend) has been done without the knowledge or consent of the Ministry of the Interior of the Government of Spain, whose powers (once again) it invades.
This doesn't mean that whoever downloaded the document offered by the Generalitat can't use it. In our opinion, any initiative that helps citizens to facilitate the work of the state's security forces is positive. However, the official character that the Generalitat has tried to give it's not legitimate. In fact, we encourage anyone who wants to make a longer trip than usual to plan and write it down so that they can justify it to the agents. The Generalitat simply doesn't have the power to issue this initiative, as it doesn't have the power to prohibit the death penalty (which luckily is already prohibited).
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And we expand the news again. At this time we are notified that in Madrid the police are considering implementing the same measure.
That's the problem we have right now in this country. We are capable of having a good initiative and that ends up being used as a weapon by political representatives who prefer borders warfare to coordination to solve a common problem.
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