The US reports: Catalan nationalism is repressive and there are no political prisoners

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The annual report on human rights confirms the attacks of intependentism on the press         
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José A. Ruiz 13/03/2019 1848
The 2019 human rights report, the latest annual report on human rights presented by the US State Department clarifies its position on the Catalan conflict, assuring that according to its criteria there are no political prisoners in Spain, but politicians imprisoned on very serious charges and in preventive prison by a demonstrated risk of flight, and supports the action of the Spanish justice. Likewise, the report emphasizes that no human rights NGO in the world supports the thesis of alleged political prisoners.
The report, which analyzes the situation of human rights throughout the world, goes even further, ensuring that the independence movement severely represses freedom of expression, for which it mentions the growing harassment of journalists and cites Reporters Without Borders. The report thus denies the allegations of Quim Torra on alleged human rights abuses in Spain, and places the threat to freedom precisely in Catalan nationalism. It also cites the increase in hate crimes caused mostly by pro-independence activists, in parallel with a rise in anti-semitism, since it is worth noting that the Jewish population in Catalonia does not support Catalan nationalism due to its own history.
You can consult the original report on human rights in Spain on the Human Rights Watch website.

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