The spokeswoman of the Government of Catalonia refuses to answer questions in Spanish

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Meritxell Budó shows again her sectarianism by refusing to answer in the most spoken language of Catalonia         
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José A. Ruiz 11/06/2019 1334

It has happened again this week after the last meeting of the Catalan executive. The spokesperson of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Meritxell Budó, has again raised controversy by refusing to respond to journalists who asked her questions in Spanish. Given the complaints of those present, the spokeswoman stated that "the rules" establish that the questions are carried out in Catalan first and that at the end of the question round, the media can "repeat" any of the questions in Spanish and they will be given the translated answer, but in no way can they ask new questions in that language. Immediately the journalists have protested, affirming to ignore those presumed "rules".

It should be remembered that Spanish is not only one of the two official languages ​​in Catalonia, but it's the most widespread language in this community and it's qualified in the Generalitat's own statistics as the mother tongue of 51% of Catalans, surpassing Catalan, which is the mother tongue of 36%. Spanish is the language in which most Catalans read books, watch television, go to the cinema ... despite which the nationalist government excludes it from education and public labeling, and finishes the merchants who use it in their businesses unless accompanied by Catalan, however, encouraging monolingualism in Catalan.
Is still recent the "mathematical" polemic that Meritxell Budó played after the last municipal elections, when the sum of the nationalist councilors of Barcelona fell from 18 to 15 and, despite everything, the spokeswoman insisted that the independence movement "had grown".

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