The nationalist bank always wins

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The draw of 'La Grossa' of the Generalitat keeps the prize again and refuses to say how many numbers sells         
Noticias (Layetania)
José A. Ruiz 25/06/2019 1502
The draw for the Autonomous Games and Betting Entity (EAJA) known as "La Grossa" is once again deserted. More than three million euros that will remain the Generalitat of Catalonia, as happened already in 2014.
The nuance of this occasion is that, unlike the previous editions, the Generalitat refuses to disclose the number of tickets sold, so the success of the Catalan lottery system, which for some is just another "nationalist tool", is very in question.
In 2013, when the draw for "la grossa" was created, the resident of the Generalitat, Artur Mas, said: "With the Catalonia lottery everyone wins because the money we play stays here".  What few imagined was that in the first draw, the prize money would stay EXACTLY there: in the Generalitat.
And on this occasion, it has happened again.  Exactly the same.

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