The Mossos d'Esquadra are acting openly as political police

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Seven Catalans have become the first real political prisoners of an autonomous police that no longer disguises its political guidelines.         
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José A. Ruiz 02/07/2019 4693

Last Thursday and Friday an operation of the Mossos d'Esquadra arrested in the Maresme (Barcelona) seven Catalan citizens for removing political symbology from the public space and deposit it at the door of the major, in an activity of cleaning that keeps growing and spreading through the Catalan geography. These people were transferred from Barcelona to Girona to be imprisoned for three days and three nights for an action that according to the current laws doesn't constitute a crime, or even a slight fault, but has been subject to follow-up and persecution similar to those that could be carried out in the context of an anti-Jihadist operation.

It's not the first time that the Catalan autonomous police carries out interventions following political orders, but it's the first time that they have done it so clearly, arresting people for removing pro-independence symbols while those who command them use public employees to place them and to remove constitutionalist symbols, because for some years it's the public workers of the town councils themselves who place both yellow ties and nationalist flags following the orders of their mayors. It should also be remembered that in municipalities such as Barcelona every time there's the opposite case, that is, every time constitutional citizens are the ones who massive glue Spanish flags, the municipal staff themselves have been responsible for cleaning them following precise instructions of not touching nationalist symbols. When this has happened the Barcelona City Council has mobilized in record time not only cleaning employees but also any other available resources, such as, for example, the 'trambaix' urban tram operators, who have been removed from their functions until the 'discrepant' symbology is eliminated, as this mean has known.
On this occasion, however, the "lesson" has been exemplary. The Catalans who met to clean public spaces of political symbology didn't take any action that deserved detention, but were retained the maximum time allowed by law (72 hours). They acted in the Maresme (Barcelona), but were moved without a reasonable reason to a municipality in Girona in an area where nationalism has much more presence and, therefore, the expected popular support could be lower, despite which hundreds of people moved to show their support for the detainees, among the shouts and boos of the nationalists who went to boycott their efforts. The constitutionalist people shout slogans such as "NOW there are political prisoners" or "the witch hunt has begun", and were supported by the constitutionalist association "Plataforma por Tabarnia".
The conditions of detention were also anomalous. The detainees were deceived by telling them that they could expedite the proceedings and be released beforehand if they accepted certain conditions, such as a lawyer ex officio. They were instructed to authorize the dumping of data from their mobile phones, which would de facto allow the Mossos d'Esquadra to locate other people with similar ideology. In order to maintain their isolation, a mother who had traveled from Barcelona to see her arrested son was told that he didn't want to see her. However, the seven detainees took their right not to testify.
For some time now, many members of the Mossos d'Esquadra have openly criticized the politicization of their organization, which becomes more evident the further up the ranks. Many of them even call their service of internal affairs "Genestapo" for their persecution of unrelated agents. This politicization of the security forces has been increasing in recent months, with cases such the one of the local police chief of Capellades, who has gone on a hunger strike due to harassment and pressure received for opposing its municipality carried out illegal surveillance of people who cleaned public spaces of yellow plastics.
The Mossos d'Esquadra have acted in several occasions under political orders, always disguising their actions under typifiable crimes, but this is the first occasion in which the charges ("attack to the fundamental rights" for cleaning political symbols placed totalitarianly in public spaces) they do not even try to be credible. Now the Mossos are already acting as political police, without restrictions or dissimulation.

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