The Lisbon City Council denies the nationalist fake news that says it condemns the "Spanish repression"

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The municipality of the Portuguese capital denounces the "Fake News" spread by nationalist media         
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José A. Ruiz 28/11/2019 1494
Catalan nationalist media such as or vilaweb made a news story yesterday that the city council of Lisbon would have issued a statement condemning "The repression of the Spanish State" in Catalonia. This news was widely disseminated by these media and by nationalist users of social networks.
Having knowledge of this broadcast, the city of Lisbon quickly denied the fact, issuing a statement that you can access through the website of the municipal chamber. This is the original statement (in Portuguese).  
According to the consistory of the Portuguese capital, "In light of the news published about a condemnation by the Lisbon Municipal Assembly of the alleged repression of the Spanish authorities in Catalonia, and a request for the release of what they call "political prisoners", the municipality of Lisbon clarifies that only the decisions taken at the councilors meeting are bound by the Lisbon City Council, and that no deliberation has been taken, or will be approved, with this content".
Despite the official denial, at the time of publication of this article the nationalist publications cited above have not yet published any rectification on the "fake news" they have disseminated.
Apart from denying the news, the Lisbon city council wanted to reaffirm its support for Spanish democracy through this final paragraph in its statement:
"The position of the Lisbon City Council is unequivocal in this regard: full respect for the sovereignty of the Spanish State, its constitution, its laws and the operation of its institutions".

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