The leader of the nationalist mossos encourages "Take justice by his hand"

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The law enforcement officer who leads the nationalist mossos encourages breaking the law         
Noticias (Layetania)
José A. Ruiz 17/02/2020 1632

Albert Donaire, leader of the nationalist Mossos d'Esquadra (Catalan autonomous police), has once again burnt social networks with a message calling on the nationalist Catalans to take justice by their hand.

Donaire is a nationalist Mosso d'Esquadra who has never been afraid to combine his status as an agent of the law with his independence militancy. And beyond that fact he has starred in various controversies by insulting sevberal political leaders of non-nationalist ideology, whom he has even described as "Nazis". However, his most frequent attacks have been against those Mossos d'Esquadra who criticize the politicization of the autonomous police force, with special emphasis in his confrontation with Inma Alcolea, a mosso who has been constantly subject to his disqualifications.
Until not long ago the acts of Albert Donaire had impunity, because the Internal Affairs Division of the Mossos, of strong nationalist orientation, took care that the files that were opened ended up expiring, keeping up appearances but without ever arriving to be sanctioned. However, the frequency and type of their actions has ended up opening several judicial cases that have resulted in convictions, something that no one has been able to avoid, so lately his attacks are being directed against justice, to the point of encouraging action outlaws with phrases like this:
"In the end, should we take justice by our hand if justice is decidedly prostituted in the service of colonist fascist nationalism?
I am already up to the balls that they can do and undo without consequences while we can hardly even breathe. Enough!"
Despite the seriousness of the message Donaire currently maintains it on his Twitter account, despite the predictable legal consequences that any type of statement should have for any law enforcement agent, because Donaire's writings show not only his desire of acting outside the law, but also his consideration that non-independence Catalans are "settlers" and "fascists", and denies the impartiality of justice, whose action can no longer be avoided.
It should be remembered that among the numerous judicial cases opened against him are for example the harassment of the daughters of Mosso Alcolea, whose photos he has disclosed along with other data of the girls while disqualifying the non-nationalist agent as a bad mother.

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