The independence movement sought to restrict freedom in Catalonia

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They intend to prohibit the right to question the constitution that has allowed them to exist         
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José A. Ruiz 11/03/2019 2889
The recent investigations on the cause of the attempted coup d'etat of the Catalan nationalism have brought to the light the "papers of ex Vuez Vidal", that detail the plans of the independentism to seriously cut down the rights of the Catalan population. Below we detail some of the most relevant points revealed by these and other investigations.
Eliminate the separation of powers.
This was evidenced in the so-called "laws of disconnection", and more specifically in the "law of legal transience" approved in the parliament of Catalonia the tragic days 6 and 7 September 2017, according to which Catalonia transforms the Superior Court of Justice in a Supreme Court whose members will be appointed by the president at the proposal of a Mixed Commission formed by members of the Supreme Court and the government itself, which guarantees the absolute majority of the government in the election and control of the judges and submits the legislative power to the executive , something that does not exist in democratic Europe.
Prohibit parties that question the Catalan constitution.
This plan came to light a few days ago as a result of information from Europa Press concerning the papers intervened to the exjuez and nationalist activist Santiago Vidal, of whom we remember the recording in which he confessed that by October 1 the personal data would be obtained of all Catalans illegally. In these papers there appears the plan of not allowing the constitution of political parties that question the territorial integrity of Catalonia or that encourage a unity of Catalonia with Spain.  It contrasts with the freedom that exists in Spain a country which does allow the existence of parties that question its constitution.
Eliminate Spanish language to impose Catalan as the only language.
We don't even need to refer to the disconnection laws, because it's something that the nationalist government applies de facto. The Spanish language, which is the mother tongue of the majority of Catalans (51% have Spanish as their mother tongue compared to 36% who have Catalan), is excluded from the Catalan public TV and radio channels, the labeling and Institutional communications, fine business owners who mark only in Spanish and its use in schools as a vehicular language is prohibited. The plans of the independence movement also go on to eliminate Spanish as the official language of Catalonia, and prominent members of the nationalist government "presume" of their limited command of Spanish (such as Clara Ponsatí, former head of education), or are signers of the Grup's manifesto Koiné against bilingualism and in favor of the unique language (like Laurá Borràs, the current consellera of culture). In the plans of intependentismo, the expulsion of the Spanish language will be progressive, and only those born before 1977 will have permission to use it when communicating with Catalan institutions.
Spy on the dissenters.
Returning to the papers intervened to ex Judge Vidal and related to the draft of the "Catalan constitution", it established the need to spy on opposing ideological forces, which were encompassed in the concept of "Violent Spanishism".
Use the school to inculcate "spirit of belonging to the new country".
Referenced also in the papers of Judge Vidal, although we only have to move to the reality of the current Catalonia to verify the scholar indoctrination, of which there are numerous reports and that is evidenced in textbooks authorized by the Generalitat.
Use the mass media to strengthen national sentiment.
It is also expressly stated in the roles of the judge vidal the partisan use of the media, although it is no novelty for anyone who knows the panorama of public television and radio in Catalonia, monolingual and totally politicized, from children's channels to musical channels.
Grant pardons for "services to the country".
For this point we must also refer to the laws called "disconnection", which allow "to free political representatives of their respective judicial processes for having committed an illegality." The text of the law is so broad that it allows to ignore any crime if the one who commits it is related to the government.
In short, a panorama of restriction of liberties quite worrisome that the leaders of the "proces" sought to turn into reality at the heart of a democratic Europe that took for granted that it would welcome and recognize them as a country.

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