The director of 'Dos Cataluñas' returns a prize for being delivered by Puigdemont

Carles Puigdemont (modificada). Autor: Chatham House. Fuente: Wikipedia - Chatham House - Wikipedia
He says he fought to remain impartial between both sides and refuses to allow the ex-president to politicize the act.         
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José A. Ruiz 12/02/2019 2297
A few months ago, the Netflix platform premiered the documentary "Dos Cataluñas", about the conflict that has divided Catalan society. The film by Gerardo Olivares and Álvaro Longoria has risen in Berlin with the prize of the foundation "Cinema for Peace", which rewards initiatives of peaceful content.
When it was communicated to the directors that Puigdemont had planned to attend the delivery in Berlin, the director Gerardo Olivares decided not to attend, despite being promised that the fled ex-president would not intervene. However, his co-director, Álvaro Longoria, did attend to collect the prize. And what was his surprise when it was the very Carles Puigdemont who came to hand the prize over, taking advantage of the moment to give a markedly political speech, dressed with the usual terminology about "political prisoners" and "exiles".
According to Longoria, he felt manipulated, and such was his surprise that he was not able to pay attention to Puigdemont's words, which he heard later. Once they could think with a cool head, both directors have decided to return the prize to protest against the political use that has carried out the escaped ex-president.
Netflix has transferred all their support to the directors, which both have been grateful for.

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