The 'Consell de la República' could take three years to activate

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Noticias (Layetania)
José A. Ruiz 27/11/2018 857

On October 30, 2018, Puigdemont telematically presented the "Consell de la República" (Council of the Republic), a political device that would perform the functions of a parliament abroad, only with nationalist personalities instead of elected representatives.

Puigdemont said a month ago that the "Consell" would be activated as soon as it had one million registered, and the registration fee was set at 10€, so the Consell would have ten million euros to start.

The problem that the fled expresident has is that a month has already elapsed, and until now only 26000 people have registered. If the current registration rhythm has to be maintained, which is quite unlikely, the "consell" would gather its ten million euros and begin to function not before January 2022.

It's easy to conclude that Puigdemont needs to change its expectations, or its project has already failed.


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