The Catalan nationalists of Torrelameu change the STOP for PAREU

Ceda el paso y STOP (Modificada) Autor: Circula Seguro. Fuente: - -
Hispanophobia transmutes into Anglophobia         
Noticias (Layetania)
José A. Ruiz 15/03/2019 1956
It seems that English language also bothers them.
Sectarianism and exclusion know no limits. Not content to exclude the Spanish language, the independentistas of the small municipality of Torrelameu (Lérida) also undertake it against the English language, since the mayor of Esquerra Republicana has replaced the STOP signs with others in which it says "PAREU", which not only constitutes a serious crime against road safety, but can also cause traffic accidents.
Few independence initiatives show so clearly the exclusive character of this movement that advocates the implementation of a single language. Until now English was used by the independence movement in many areas as an alternative to Spanish by using a more widely used language, but now, the sectors of independence movement close to the monolingualist theses of the Koiné group remove their masks and defend the expulsion of any language different from Catalan.

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