The campaign of the catalan independence movement: Attack the premises of rival parties

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The campaign of the arguments, cornered by the violence encouraged by the Generalitat         
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José A. Ruiz 28/03/2019 1404
Catalan nationalism has entered strongly into the electoral campaign, although in addition to exposing its intentions in meetings, it has also opted to show less democratic "arguments". While the leaders of the left-wing constitutionalist parties (PSOE), center (Citizens) and Right (PP and VOX) tour Catalonia presenting their programs, the members of Arràn (the most violent faction of the formation that made Quim Torra president) go through Catalonia attacking the headquarters of non-independentist political parties. The vandals themselves sign their actions, record them on video and share them on social networks.
The last headquarters attacked is the one from Partido Popular in Terrassa, which already has had five attacks in less than a month. There have been countless attacks to territorial headquarters of Ciudadanos, Partido Popular, Vox and (to a lesser extent) Partido Socialista, with its premises smashed with hammers and vandalized with paint. The premises of the independentist parties are free from this wave of attacks, as well as the premises of the far-left populist parties whose support the independence movement needs. Even Quim Torra himself has been harassed by his CDRs (autonomous forces of intimidation), which have demanded even more radicalism, accusing him of not "being the people", subject to which Quim Torra has adressed (calling them "companions") saying that he is indeed "the people".
None of the nationalist parties has condemned the attacks, which some of them considering them an expression of the "will of the people". Fortunately, there has been only material damage to these attacks, although CDRs and Arrán have also harassed their political opponents in the information tents in the middle of the street, where they have sometimes physically attacked non-independentists.

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