The big companies re-examine their continuity in the Catalan Chamber of Commerce

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Entrepreneurs threaten to leave before nationalist policies harm them, and the flight of companies threatens to revive.         
Noticias (Layetania)
José A. Ruiz 14/05/2019 2937
The unexpected victory of the ANC in the "Cambra de Comerç", fruit of an aggressive campaign and a surprising participation of the small nationalist business, jeopardizes the continuity of large companies in the Catalan chamber and could encourage the already worrying flight of companies in Catalonia, that added to the drastic reduction of the business creation and to the increase of the bankruptcies in comparison with Madrid, throws a devastating panorama.
After a convulsive month in which the controversy over the elimination of double security jumped to the media long before the elections, when these finally occurred more than 2,500 irregular votes were confirmed (numerous votes made from the same computers with the same IP addresses, other votes that were not registered..). The suspicions of manipulation led to an audit that was the shame of the organizers of the voting process, the Scytl company.
Now, a week later, and despite the long and embarrassing audit, the results continue to give victory to "Eines de País" (country tools), the only platform with which the ANC encompassed the independence movement and that has finally conquered the absolute majority.
The business community is still in shock, because the program of this entity, far from seeking business progress, subjects the business world to the greater glory of the non-existent "Catalan Republic" and, as its slogan goes, it promises to use the business fabric as tools of national construction
Those responsible for large companies are waiting to see if any of the breakthrough initiatives of the winning force is materialized, and in that case, they'll leave the Chamber. This could cause a debacle in the chamber itself and cause not only the continued loss of business contributions, but also that of European funds, which are almost one third of their funding and could be denied if they confront the Spanish Chamber of Commerce.

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