The attacks on VOX and its leaders that the press silences

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The headquarters of Madrid and the home of the leader in Sabadell have been attacked, although the big media have barely covered these facts         
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José A. Ruiz 18/07/2019 1614

This week there have been several attacks perpetrated against the headquarters of the political party VOX and against some of its leaders. The first of these attacks took place this Tuesday at the home of the VOX leader in Sabadell, Patricia Muñoz. The second occurred two days later at the VOX headquarters in Madrid as his spokesman, Javier Ortega-Smith was in the building.

The attack on Tuesday was carried out against the home of Patricia Muñoz, leader of VOX in Sabadell and coordinator for the Vallés Occidental. The most colorful part of this attack consisted in the throwing of eggs filled with paint of different colors against his private home, but this fact, which could be confused with a simple prank or an unpleasant event is only the latest in a series of acts of vandalism against the representative of VOX, which has been harassed continuously for two years by forces linked to nationalism. The harassment so far has consisted of phone calls in which she is threatened, including death threats, being followed by car, paintings on the walls of her home or disclosure of the address of the school where her children are studying. Muñoz also has a clothing and accessories business that is also subject to constant threats (threatening to set it on fire, sabotaging it or stealing the genre and throwing it as trash), although as the sale is made online and the leader of VOX has maintained its location secret, the radicals do carry most of their intimidating actions against the private home of the VOX representative.
The second case took place next to the party headquarters in Madrid. Some vandals have set fire in containers next to the building and the spokesman of the party, Javier Ortega Smith had to go out to smother the flames in the container next to their headquarters, thus preventing the flames from spreading to the car parked next. In this case the vandals have fled before they can be identified.
Analyzing the information received by this digital and contrasting it with the headers of the rest of the media, and especially of the big media, we have been able to confirm that there's some kind of silence, it's still too early to know whether casual or intentional, about any attack carried out against the political party VOX, especially by the Catalan nationalist press. In fact, the few references that we can find to attacks to VOX automatically qualify them as "fake news" and call to ignore them. Although it's evident that there may exist and in fact there do exist fake news throughout the political spectrum, those attacks of which there's documented evidence, videos and other, are also silenced by several media, as if their bosses feared to be labeled as "collaborating with the far right". Very few media have come to cover the numerous attacks on Patricia Muñoz, among those we can count small digitals as the newspaper "Mediterráneo Digital". The case of Madrid headquarters has received some more attention, especially due to the spreading of the video that shows Ortega-Smith smothering the fire with an extinguisher.
Although in both cases the aggressors have not been identified, it's clear from their threats and graffiti that they consider themselves "anti-fascist". However, by harassing, vandalizing and terrorizing a political party simply because of their ideas, they are putting into practice that very fascism they are trying to attribute to their rival.
While this news was being published, new information and denunciations of new cases of harassment and intimidation are coming to this media. The militant of Vox in Barberà del Vallès Alfonso P. J. has gone today to the court of instruction of his locality to denounce calls falsely identifying as from the MRW messaging and asking for his address for a delivery. When refusing to give such information, since the call was made from a hidden number, the speaker (a woman) hung up and later called again, this time without subterfuge and threatening him directly, "WATCH WHEN YOU LEAVE THE STREET, FASCIST .... WITH WHOM YOU SPEAK AND WHAT YOU SAY, FASCIST, THAT WE KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE. " According to the complaint, she also said verbatim: "WE ARE GOING TO SHOOT YOU, YOU FASCIST, IN THE HEAD, FASCIST".
The threatened activist has not been able to find out how those who threaten him have his personal telephone number.

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