The 10 attacks on democracy of nationalism in October

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Catalan Nationalism has definitely abandoned its democratic appearance in a series of totalitarian acts.         
Noticias (Layetania)
José A. Ruiz 31/10/2019 1589
This October, with the excuse of the sentences to the trial of "procés", nationalism has taken a step without return, leaving democracy definitively. These are the actions that, only in the month of October, directly attack democracy and that have been directly encouraged by nationalist leaders or, at best, have been born into nationalism and have not been condemned by their leaders .
1 - Impulse, justification and exaltation of violence: The violent acts of the "black week" of Barcelona were encouraged by the secret organization "Tsunami Democrátic" with the blessing of the nationalist government. Nothing less than the president of the "Catalan National Association", Elisenda Paluzie, has affirmed on nationalist television that "it is good that violence occurs because the conflict acquires visibility", and nationalism propagandists have carried out a graphic campaign of Exaltation of the images of street confrontations against the police, which are given an epic treatment, typical of "war feats" and slogans such as "Burning containers is not violence" or "They are not Violent, but Brave." The late and weak condemnations of Torra's violence (in which he blames the police) do not convince anyone.
2 - Criminalization of the forces of the law: When two years ago the Mossos d'Esquadra maintained a low profile and were inhibited from their obligation to suppress the illegal referendum of 2017, nationalism baptized them as "the police police", extolled them and decorated. However, in 2019, when the Mossos had to face (together with the National Police and the Civil Guard) an organized violence never seen in nationalism that was about to raze the streets of Barcelona, ​​they had to be used thoroughly, although always proportionally, to try to protect the city. The nationalist government excused the violent and criminalized the work of the agents, now called "repressive forces." Nationalist television called them "fucking dogs of prey" and "illiterate".  To satisfy the CUP, on whose two seats the precarious nationalist government depends, Quim Torra has announced "the largest internal research campaign in the history of the Mossos D'Esquadra" to "purify" those agents who have been able to "exceed "in their functions.
3 - Denial of national and international justice: Full nationalism rejects the judgment of the "procés" trial. And instead of relying on the recourse to Strasbourg (presumably he will not be right), they entrust everything to the mobilization of the masses in acts of street rebellion, while questioning the validity of European institutions.
4 - Attack on freedom of demonstration: Nationalism's efforts to prevent the massive constitutionalist demonstration of October 27 in Barcelona have been immense, but useless. Roads and railroads have been cut, Sants station has been occupied and even so, the assistance far exceeded (no more than seeing the many photos and videos) the independence demonstration of the previous day, whatever the guard says urban The most recalcitrant deniers claim that "all were Spaniards from outside arriving by coach", although they also affirm that "the boycott was a success and no coach could arrive." Logically the two things cannot be.
5 - Attempted against the rights of students: And even in TV3 gatherings, the Cupaires leaders insisted that the barricades of the hooded violent men at the gates of Catalan universities to prevent students from attending class were part of the "legitimate right to strike". Needless to say (it is not a pun) that if you want to strike you will not work or do not attend class, but if you prevent others from doing so it is no longer a strike, but repression. No nationalist leader condemns these facts.
6 - Attack on the freedom of citizens: The blockade of the Prat Airport (which resulted in the death of a French citizen of a cardiac arrest due to stress and over-effort when having to walk on the road dragging luggage), the cuts in borders, roads and railways caused an effective siege of the city of Barcelona, ​​in violation of the right of people to develop their normal activity,
7 - Exaltation of terrorism: Not a week goes by in which nationalist protesters do not understand the well-known "Visca Terra Lliure!". Recall that Terra Lliure was a terrorist group of Catalan nationalism that had to dissolve because of its ineptitude (it killed two secondary targets when they could not access the main ones and yet four of their own members died by accident when handling explosives). Puigdemont was photographed shortly before the riots with one of the founders of Terra Lliure, while sharing with Torra his lawyer (convicted of collaborating with ETA) and both have a convicted person for murder within the Epoca terrorist group coordinating the "country strike" which culminated on Friday burning the streets of the city. Its main international ambassador is Arnaldo Otegui, former member of ETA. No nationalist leader questions or condemns these facts.
8 - Attack against the political discrepancy: The CDR self-styled separatist commandos have surrounded and harassed the headquarters of the dissenting political parties (PP, Citizens, PSC), with graffiti, vandalism and throwing objects. No nationalist leader condemns these facts.
9 - Attack against the democratic framework: Nationalist leaders have "activated" the so-called "Assembly of Càrrecs Electes" (Assembly of Elected Offices), composed entirely of nationalists, without the presence of the "annoying" opposition, without political discrepancy or any kind of inspection. A totalitarian government, in short.
10 - Attack against democratic processes: The "Democratic Tsunami" organization that promotes vandalism and terrorist acts calls for boycotting the day of reflection. Other nationalist initiatives disseminated through social networks also plan to sabotage the electoral elections themselves, which implies a denial of a message they claimed to defend two years ago.
And this has only been in October.

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