Spain: The fifth best democracy in the G-20

EIU Democracy Index 2017. Autor: Canuckguy and others. Fuente: Wikimedia Commons - Canuckguy and others - Wikimedia Commons
Noticias (Layetania)
José A. Ruiz 09/01/2019 963

The Economist has published The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Democracy Index of 2018. Spain remains qualified as "Full Democracy", consolidating itself as the fifth most democratic country in the European Union, above France, Italy and above Belgium, the country that gives shelter to politicians fled by the attempted coup d'etat. Spain is also above countries such as the United States.

In fact, this report does nothing more than ratify other recent reports from international organizations that show that the level of freedom enjoyed in our country is among the best, tainted only by the serious anomalies originating in the Catalan independence movement. The freedom that is allowed in Spain is, paradoxically, part of the reason that allows the destabilizing forces to abuse their autonomy, defending secessionist postulates that in other countries of Europe would be severely repressed or, as in Germany, directly illegal.

Curiously, most of these full democracies are monarchies, while the republics that serve as an example to some of the populist forces, such as Cuba or Venezuela, are classified as authoritarian regimes.


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