Spain among the most democratic countries according to the V-DEM 2019 report

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The report of this year places our country in the 15% most democratic countries, above the United States         
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José A. Ruiz 24/05/2019 1820
At this point it's not news that Spain remains in the top of the table in all democracy reports worldwide, but given the work invested by the diplomatic actions of Catalan nationalism to offer the opposite message is worth noting the little damage that these actions seem to produce to the reputation of our country.
Because the organisms that measure the levels of democracy don't do it based on political messages or newspapers headers, but on objective data such as legal guarantees or the level of freedom in each country and such, as the report says, "hundreds of factors" that help to make a reliable portrait of the democratic quality of a country.
The V-DEM report, which classifies liberal democracies, also compares 2018 data with those of a decade earlier, showing whether a country has become more democratic (Tunisia) or more authoritarian (United States). At the high part of the table, from Spain to the beginning, all the countries analyzed show a stable democracy, highlighting the case of South Korea, which has experienced a remarkable improvement that places it among the most democratic countries in the world.

The full report can be found here:


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