Self-proclaimed 'Antifascists' attack freedom of expression

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José A. Ruiz 14/01/2019 1686

Since the beginning of the spanish campaign for the municipal and European elections, the independentist groups calling themselves "Antifascists" do not rest in their actions to restrict the freedom of expression of all those forces that are not pro-independence.

Their most systematic attacks are towards the VOX formation, which they describe as Fascist. These actions, perfectly coordinated, pursue each tent or stand of the green formation, which surround and isolate, preventing their freedom of expression, while they intimidate their occupants and throw objects at them. Although the VOX party can be framed on the far right, the truth is that the totalitarian actions and denial of the most basic civil rights are those carried out by these groups linked to the independence movement, such as Arràn or the CDR, which in many cases share members.

Thus, the current weapons of the former "Gent de pau" (people of peace) include threats, intimidation (big hanged dolls in street bridges), attacks on freedom of expression, boycott of peaceful demonstrations (such as that of linguistic freedom), sabotage of infrastructures or street violence. Actions carried out indiscriminately against the tents and headquarters of Ciudadanos, PSC, PP or VOX, and that seriously question the denomination of "antifascist" of these radical groups.

If at any time of the year these actions are reprehensible (apart from manifestly illegal) their severity is multiplied in this pre-electoral period, since in fact they are denying the right to express themselves to all those political forces that are not secessionists, which means in practice the systematic denial of democracy.


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