Sánchez clears the way to the exclusion of Spanish in spanish schools

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The agreement with Podemos and the nationalists would eliminate the requirement that it be a vehicular language         
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José A. Ruiz 05/11/2020 1847
The president of the government Pedro Sánchez has secured the support of the nationalist forces for the new education law, the LOMLOE, by eliminating the requirement that Spanish must be one of the vehicular languages ​​in schools throughout Spain.
The agreement reached with Unidas Podemos and the Catalan and Basque nationalists will allow that the Spanish language is not a vehicular language in schools, that is, it opens the door to that if the regional governments decide, when the students study the various subjects alone they must do it in their second language (remember that Spanish is the most widely spoken language in all the Spanish autonomous communities).
This agreement, which would be incorporated into the new educational law, could have particularly serious effects in Catalonia, Galicia and the Basque Country. In Catalonia the linguistic repression (or immersió) establishes Catalan as the only language in schools, in which Spanish is treated as a foreign language, is already applied de facto, while the school system of the Basque Country puts more and more obstacles to schools in Spanish and will take advantage of this law to impose Basque as the only vehicular language. The new law will allow nationalist governments to eliminate Spanish without breaking the law.
Sánchez defends this new transfer to nationalism defending hinself in the fact that "it can be done without violating the Constitution" and points out that the autonomies "must guarantee a basic knowledge of Spanish for their students", which according to interpretation would be equivalent to what is required for English or any other foreign language.
The bill will have to overcome parliamentary procedures on Thursday and face stiff opposition, but with the support it has, it's expected to go ahead.

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