Persecution in Catalonia against those who resist totalitarianism

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José A. Ruiz 27/01/2019 1268
The regional government of Catalonia has decided that the Catalans who clean the streets of separatist symbols are a danger that must be eradicated.
These groups have been formed over the last year as a result of the attacks received by Catalans who, individually, removed the ties or cleaned the independentist graffiti with which the secessionist movement occupied its streets. The so-called "GDR" (groups of resistance) act at night to clean painted symbols, remove ties and take down propaganda posters with which the separatist groups, protected by the regional president, the far-right Quim Torra, flood public places.
Given the continued growth of these groups, the Generalitat (the regional government) has launched a double campaign of persecution and discrediting these cleaning groups.
- Campaign 1. Active persecution: The body of Mossos d'Esquadra (the regional police, criticized for acting as political police of the separatist regime) have placed one of their commanders at the head of the persecution of those who remove ties and graffiti, obviating that they are not committing any crime and that they are the ones who invade the streets with political symbols who break the law. One example among many: Recently a sub-inspector of the Mossos de Girona has identified a woman in the street for saying "Viva España".
- Campaign 2: Media discrediting: The regional television TV3 broadcasts communiqués in different programs, qualifying the neighborhood cleaning groups as "paramilitary forces". Ironically, the independence movement does have a series of paramilitary cells, the self-proclaimed CDR ("Committees of Defense of the Republic", although many people call them "Comandos de Represión"), whose only function is to restrict the freedom of expression of opponents using violence if necessary. This phase is being carried out in the news programs, as well as in programs such as "Tot es mou" (everything moves), in which a senior government official is the one who qualifies the clening groups as "paramilitary".
This drift is highly dangerous and a consequence of the irresponsibility of radicalized regional leaders who for years have been demanding "dialogue" in terms that could not be accepted by the previous government of Spain, and that now that the current government accepts them, they continue to refuse, which makes it clear that there was never a real pretense to dialogue.
Possibly the citizens of Catalonia and the rest of Spain would never have imagined that the leaders in charge of managing a prosperous region would push their people to a fascist and totalitarian drift in which, thanks to the control of the Catalan media that relate exclusively his version, it seems they are winning the first of the battles, the battle of words over reality.

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