Parents of students stop indoctrination at a school in Barcelona

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José A. Ruiz 16/01/2019 1011
The parents of the students of the Provençals center in Barcelona have said "enough". As reported by the blog "Dolça Catalunya", this time the excuse of a part of the teaching staff to indoctrinate their students has been a theater activity whose text claims without dissimulation for the abolition of the monarchy and the holding of a referendum to create a republic, since "we can do it" because "we are not in any country in southwestern Europe." In addition, "we must be careful because referendum is a word forbidden by the evil king". Evidently the happy ending closes with a "Long life to the Republic".
The difference between this indoctrination maneuver and all the preceding examples is that on this occasion the parents' complaints have been the force that has forced the school to rectify and withdraw the text, aware that the political manipulation of the text was too obvious . The center's statement acknowledges that "the content is inadequate" and affirms that they remain "apart from any ideology" and that they work "with respect to all families."
Increasingly, many parents of Catalan students raise their voices demanding an ideology-free education for their children, a demand that is added to others such as freedom of choice of language and, not least, the end of educational barracks.

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