Pablo Iglesias prevents again a leftist government

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Political interests and personalisms have been imposed throughout the political spectrum preventing the governance of Spain         
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José A. Ruiz 25/07/2019 1175
It happened in 2016 and it has happened again three years later. Partisan interests have been imposed over high politics. The "no" of Iglesias that prevents the investiture of Sanchez returns us to that first one, almost for the same reasons.
124 votes in favor, 155 against and 67 abstentions. It's the balance of votes that has sent the socialist party directly to September. But this time the fault is not only Peter and Paul's. It has been all the parties that have contributed to this collective failure. As the spanish saying goes, "they all killed her and she died by herself". And that "she" has been this time the patience of the people.
Because none of the political representatives has made a decision either from the country that they intend to rule (or destroy), but in many cases they haven't made the decision that best suits their own party. It seems that the current political leaders (never that term was so devalued) have acted out of pride, just to stay at ease. And that's not what we are paying them for.
Unidas Podemos, (party that could also change its name to "Pudimos") has made a decision that hurts itself, since its continued decline among its voters will only increase in a probable next electoral call. Pablo Iglesias' party is not resigned to staying with little, even knowing that in the foreseeable upcoming elections they would surely kill for having what they are now rejecting. The welfare of the Spaniards? This is not the topic.
Partido Socialista has become a huge set of inactive minds, since the first and last word is from Pedro Sánchez who acts as if he had won the elections by absolute majority and the other parties should abstain because it's him or the chaos. And in that invented epic he must win, and if he loses it's because the others are not up to it. However, what Pedro seems to ignore is that a few seek that chaos, and many others think that chaos cannot be much worse than what Pedro offers. The welfare of the Spaniards? Of course, that's not the subject.
Partido Popular has become an icy smile at the head of a mastodonic structure that resists by pure inertia. Casado expects to resist by the force of habit and "see the corpse of his enemy pass before his door". The welfare of the Spaniards? That's not what we are trying to fix.
Ciudadanos, who was the great white hope, centrist, coherent and incorruptible, has become as enigmatic and capricious as the rest. Rivera and his red lines have disdained the center-left pact desired by many and that would have generated a stable and constitutionalist government. The socialist party agrees with the "enemies of Spain"? The socialist party would agree with anyone, even with Ciudadamos. Wouldn't it be better to have Sanchez tied by a pact like that of three years ago? Isn't it better to have Sanchez controlled? When Rivera closed that exit, obsessed by a right pact and for being the new PP, he also closed that exit to all Spaniards. The welfare of the Spaniards? Don't waste his time!
From the Catalan Nationalists (never to be confused with the Catalans), we can no longer expect anything other than selfish calculations. At this time, both ERC and PDECAT seek to establish their own profile and return to autonomy without their faithful noticing it, while they stab each other over the corpse of the CUP. The welfare of the Spaniards? They care as little as the Catalans.
Urkullu's PNV is an interested spectator who doesn't care at all, because Basque Country already has an enviable taxation and, thanks to Rajoy, a juicy extra allocation, so it only remains to be aware of when its strength will be necessary and sufficient again to re-extort the ruling ruler for another piece of the cake. The welfare of the Spaniards? It doesn't care, although the welfare of the Basques does seem to matter, or at least that of the Basque nationalists.
The rest of the formations, both national and regional (Gallegos, Valencians, Cantabrians, Canaries ...) know that little can be said and they don't draw much attention, knowing that they are in  the middle of a fratricidal war in which they are not the protagonists. Their time will come.
Gone are the times of high politics, when Spain began to lift its head after a dictatorship, when it was fresh the previous lack of democracy and (authentic) fascism, and politicians knew that to join forces they should subtract aspirations.
None of that remains today.

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