Nationalism tries to blame Spain for the Jihadist attack in Barcelona

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Nationalist protesters are summoned with the slogan "State Crime" for the 2017 Jihadist attack         
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José A. Ruiz 19/08/2019 1535
On August 17, 2017, a command of Islamic fundamentalists spread terror in the streets of a Spanish capital. What the terrorists did not know is that by choosing Barcelona as their objective they were introducing an unexpected element that forced Catalan nationalism to work in a hurry to incorporate something as alien as an Islamic attack to their own imminent attack against Spanish democracy. If the terrorists could have known it they would have chosen any other European capital, because nationalism was responsible for making Catalonia stop talking about the Jijadist threat almost in a matter of days and imaginative concepts such as "their business, our dead" were coined, accompanied by the effigy of the king of Spain shaking hands with an Arab sheikh. Yes, the automatic reaction of nationalism was something as absurd as blaming an Islamic fundamentalist attack on the government of Spain. A handful of terrorists had died killing in a horrible act to vindicate their cause and the Catalan government ignored their threat and used their act for a completely different cause. European citizens wounded or killed, used by identitary nationalism while their relatives were immersed in a demonstration in which individuals who wore the nationalist starred flag as a cape accused the king of Spain as they broke and threw to the bin those banners that asked for "peace and coexistence" .. because they were written in Spanish. In the distance, Islamic fundamentalists should be unable to understand that no one blamed them. They didn't understand what the "procés" was about.
On this second anniversary of those events, as terrible as ignored and manipulated, and after the failure of the last nationalist campaigns that sought to show that the Spanish security forces could have avoided the attacks of Barcelona and Cambrills, nationalism has decided to bet directly by way of gesticulation. So, hundreds of protesters dressed in masks have carried banners with the motto "State crime" during the acts in memory of the victims of the jihadist attacks of Barcelona and Cambrills, in a new performance in which, as in the previous two years, they have tried to manipulate the homage to the victims to turn it into an act of nationalist campaign. As Göbbels said: A lie repeated 1000 times can become true.
Already in 2017, a few days after the attacks, nationalism quickly turned what should have been a plea against terror and fundamentalism into a demonstration against "Islamophobia" (however noble this gesture was out of place in an Islamist attack) and against the King of Spain, since there are Spanish companies that sell weapons to enemy countries of the terrorists (that some of those businessmen are Catalan is irrelevant, it seems) and, according to nationalism, that justifies that Islam radicals attack Barcelona territory, so everything is, in short, "Spain's fault".
Now in 2019 the media campaign orchestrated by nationalism and disseminated by its informative pillars (such as Jaume Roures and the newspaper has taken advantage of the proximity of the anniversary of the terrorist attacks to try to show through erroneous or manipulated arguments that Spanish police were aware of the radicalization of the Ripoll Iman before the attacks in Barcelona and that they could have avoided such attacks. This campaign didn't last long because it soon proved that all the knowledge that the security forces had of the radicalization of the Ripoll Imam was subsequent to the attacks, and that post-fact reconstructions had been used to make them pass as events prior to the attacks. After knowing the manipulation, and without issuing rectification communications, the media subsidized by nationalism immediately stopped talking about the issue, at least clearly and directly.
In the acts (which should be) to honor the victims, the President of the Generalitat Quim Torra, the mayor of Barcelona Ada Colau and other more or less independentist leaders have fled the symbolic and ideological festival of two years ago and have maintained a much more sober profile, according to the seriousness of the moments to remember, (Although Ada Colau's phrase has been unfortunate in which she states that "we aren't here to feed conspiracy theories", with which she has precisely been responsible for feeding the conspiracy theory). On the more positive side it has been noted the almost complete absence of yellow ties and stellar flags, because nationalism is not stupid and they know that an excess of symbology in these acts would have been frowned upon by most Catalans and from the rest of Europe. But since nationalism is unable to resist taking advantage of a media moment to campaign, it has been orchestrated in parallel and without the visible involvement of the leaders of the movement a demonstration not very numerous but very well coordinated in which several nationalists have carried white masks that could recall those of "V for Vendetta" or "Money Heist" and have paraded with banners stating that the jihadist attacks were actually a "Crim d'estat" (State Crime).
Let's recall that a "State Crime" is a criminal act carried out by government instances, so nationalism (conveniently disguised) is accusing the spanish government of orchestrating an attack against its own citizens. Taking into account that the detained jihadists had the objective of exploding a bomb in the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia and that when the artifact in the Alcanar house accidentally exploded, they had to improvise the attacks that finally took place, the protesters are accusing the Popular Party government of wanting to blow up the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona and kill hundreds of Catalans and tourists. The Popular Party may have made many mistakes, but it's inconceivable that no government in Spain since Franco's death can tolerate much less encourage the indiscriminate killing of citizens.
Therefore, and due to the absolute lack of evidence to support these conspiracy theories, these accusations of clear political intentions have barely found resonance beyond the nationalist sphere itself.

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