Marta Sanchez interrupts her performance due to hispanophobic attacks

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Intolerance in a concert for the tolerance of the LGTBI collective, with the launching of eggs and tomatoes by radical independents.         
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José A. Ruiz 18/05/2019 907

It happened on the night of Friday the 19th, at the Popstar concert by Brian Cross Special LGTBI Edition, held in Badalona. The concert has started without incident, with previous appearances by the artists Famous and Ruth Lorenzo, who have performed without suffering any kind of interruption. However the appearance of Marta Sanchez has been the signal for various people to throw eggs and tomatoes simultaneously to the singer, preventing her from singing.

The attack on the singer has been planned and directed specifically to her from various points, which requires a coordinated plan given the complexity of entering a concert loaded with eggs and hold two songs without breaking them. In addition, the attack have been accompanied by cries of "Fascist", both in Catalan and in Spanish. It should be noted that "fascist" is the adjective most used by Catalan nationalists to define those who disagree with their ideology. In the case of Marta Sánchez, who a few months ago sang the Spanish anthem in one of her concerts and who doesn't hide her position in favor of the unity of her country, for a part of nationalism she has already made enough merits to receive such a qualification.
Spokesmen for several Constitutionalist forces have immediately responded by condemning the attack, including the socialist mayor of Badalona, ​​Alex Pastor, the former mayor of the same municipality, Xavier García Albiol (PP), the aspiring mayor for Barcelona, ​​Manuel Valls, and others. Albiol has gone further by mentioning that there are unconfirmed indications that points that the youths of the CUP may be behind the attacks.
Art and culture are suffering acutely the consequences of the independence conflict. The same Friday, not far from there, on the set of the program 'Ara i Aquí', of TVE in Catalonia, the singer Rosa Lopez, still unaware of what was happening to her fellow singer, confessed her love for Barcelona, city that preferred to Madrid, but discarded to move in "baceuse of the current atmosphere of tension". Remember that Rosa has been called "Rosa de España" for years.
Marta is not the first artist to see her performance boycotted by nationalism. It's recent the interruption of a performance of Joan Manel Serrat on his anniversary tour for the disc "Mediterraneo" in which an assistant demanded the singer to sing in Catalan, to which the singer replied that no one defended the Catalan as he did, but that was the tour of "Mediterráneo", a record sung entirely in Spanish.

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