Manifesto in France in favor of respect for the rights and freedoms of the Spanish

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The document, signed by university professors and personalities from France, is a response to the manifesto promoted by nationalism three months ago         
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José A. Ruiz 19/05/2019 1157
This new manifesto is a response to the controversial document signed three months ago by a small group of French senators in March 2019, entitled "For the respect of freedoms and fundamental rights in Catalonia". This document, promoted by the diplomatic work of Catalan nationalism, was disseminated by a minority fraction of the French senators and presented with great fanfare by the nationalist media as a great democratic triumph.
The response, however, has been signed and endorsed by many authorized voices of France and comes in the form of a manifesto similar to the previous title "For the respect of the rights and freedoms of all citizens of Spain". Among the signatories there are university professors such as Jean-Pierre Étienvre (Sorbonne) or Barbara Loyer (University of Paris), prestigious historians such as Benedict Pellistrandi, as well as researchers, writers and media directors, in what is a whole endorsement to the Spanish democratic and judicial system.
The manifesto, addressed expressly to the signatories of the previous manifesto, asks them to recognize "the reality of Spanish democracy", cleanliness and transparency in the trial (broadcasted live) to the leaders of the "procés" who abused their functions to "impose a system that seems imperative to them at the risk of causing hatred among citizens". They also call attention to the nationalist distortion of the concept of "dialogue" and denounce that the senators who signed the manifesto pro-nationalism use the term "repression" for the simple application of the law and call "victims" elected officials who refuse to apply the law of the country for which they have been elected.
The manifesto is clear and forceful, and has been published in the same media as the manifesto pro-nationalism, the digital Mediapart, a research and opinion journal created by the ex-editor of Le Monde.

The manifesto can be consulted (in French) at the following link:


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