Harassment to the Chief of Police of Capellades for not submitting to nationalism

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The abuses against the head of the local police from the political power have led him to carry out a hunger strike         
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José A. Ruiz 28/06/2019 4086
Miguel Hernández is the Chief of the Local Police of Capellades, Barcelona. It's a law enforcer, and as such seeks to ensure that everyone in the municipality comply with the law equally, regardless of the political party to which one belongs or the political symbol that appears on the lapel.
But that legitimate impartiality clashed head-on against the wall of the town hall the first time he had to put a drink report to a citizen who turned out to be a councilor for culture (and CUP). Since then, Hernández has been in the sights of the town hall.
That first conflict with the councilor might not have been as relevant had the Chief of Police not encountered issues that allegedly involved the mayor himself, the pro-independence Aleix Auber, also affiliated with the CUP, whom he denounced for installing illegal cameras to persecute those who removed the yellow ribbons that flooded the town and whose placement, apart from usurping the public spaces, violated the municipal ordinances.
However, this isn't the only abuse of the former mayor who has been denounced by the police chief. Hernandez has also brought to light several suspicious contracts that have been made to the detriment of the people, as well as the granting of various "favors" to neighbors who have generated a presumed clientelist network with which Aleix Auber could have bought the vote of many citizens.
At one point, Auber's actions had an even more personal character for Miguel Hernández, since the mayor came to use the personal data of the police chief himself and to forge his signature to contract the insurance policies of up to nine vehicles of the municipal brigade of Capellades, appearing in all of them the chief of police as usual driver. These contracts remained active for years, and have motivated the chief to denounce his mayor also for identity theft and falsification of documents.
During this period three disciplinary proceedings and 14 denunciations to Chief Hernández have been opened, all of them false according to his statements, interposed in an arbitrary way for not turning a blind eye to the nationalist consistory.
With the arrival of the municipal elections there was a change in the municipal government. The nationalist mayor of the CUP was replaced by the nationalist mayor of ERC, Salvador Vives. At first this fact didn't mean a big change, as Capellades passed from the CUP-ERC pact to the ERC-CUP pact, so Hernández didn't hold any hope that his situation would change.
In the light of the situation, the Chief of Police began a hunger strike four days ago in front of the door of the Capellades Town Hall. Initially, the mayor didn't deign to attend to him. According to the agent of the law, he didn't have time. However after three days of strike the new mayor has come to contact him and asked him time to review his situation and know the details of the open files.
The police chief has suspended the hunger strike for the time being, although he believes that the attitude of the new mayor is likely to end only in good words. By now, they have not withdrawn either a demand or a sanction, but at least he has been able to meet with the new mayor and the future governor, who have said they knew almost nothing about their situation. According to statements made by Chief Hernández, the two have expressed surprise at some of the information and the willingness to verify the facts.
Chief Hernandez has informed us that he has some optimism about his situation, after all we are in a political period in which Esquerra Republicana tries to distance itself from the radical positions and defiance of the law of both PDECAT and the CUP, but he doesn't plan to lower his guard. According to the normal course of justice, the new consistory will begin to receive promptly the lawsuits filed during these months of harassment, and Hernández plans to take additional measures if another fraudulent accusation is brought against him again.
This is the current situation of the Chief of the Local Police of Capellades. Hernandez knows that he doesn't have to endure this situation anymore. He can change his destination, choose another place and start over. He can maintain a lower profile, and be treated as anyone else.
But Chief Hernandez is a servant of the law, and he prefers to stay in his position and try to enforce the law. Other Catalan agents of several forces, including Mosso Inma Alcolea, suffer similar situations. Some have contacted each other, because they know they are not alone. They are not isolated cases, and not all people agree that the law and its servants should comply with politics, neither in Capellades nor anywhere else.

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