For the Scottish nationalists, their self-determination has already expired

Alex Salmond y Nicola Sturgeon at the launch of A National Conversation. Autor: Scottish Government. Fuente: Wikimedia Commons - -
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José A. Ruiz 20/03/2019 1303

The leader of the Scottish nationalist party and Prime Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, has proposed the call for a new independence referendum taking advantage of the Brexit crisis.

Six years ago, the Scottish independence movement claimed the "right to decide" that the United Kingdom's constitution contemplates (since Scotland had been an independent country that was annexed to the United Kingdom) and exercised it in a bilateral and agreed referendum that was held in 2014 with all democratic guarantees. The independentistas did not reach the majority, reason why the sovereign town of Scotland decided to remain in the United Kingdom.
Barely six years later, Brexit serves as an excuse for nationalists to invalidate the result of that vote and re-invoke a "right to decide" that invalidates what has already been decided, in a new referendum that in case of victory would be irreversible but in In case of defeat, he should only wait for any new political conflict to be invoked again.
Nicola Sturgeon's announcement that he will channel an alleged "democratic mandate" for a new independence referendum has been quickly supported by the substitute president of Catalonia, Quim Torra, who has obviated all the differences between both processes, such as that Catalonia has never been a country, that the unilateral shock lacked any guarantee, that the Spanish constitution does not contemplate this option or that said constitution was supported in Catalonia by 90% of Catalans whose vote it is intended to invalidate.
The political rivals of Sturgeon are taking advantage of this support to discredit the Scottish "neverendum" and to show the hypocrisy that can be invoked eternally after each defeat but irreversible in case of victory.

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