Finally De Gispert and Torra rectify their decision

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The former president of the Parlament renounces the Cross of Sant Jordi after the pressures for their xenophobic tweets, and the President of the Generalitat thanks her         
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José A. Ruiz 07/05/2019 1306
The situation has ended up surpassing its protagonists. The former president of the Catalan parliament, Núria de Gispert, has finally yielded to the pressures and ended up renouncing the Cross of Sant Jordi, the highest honor granted by the Catalan institutions, and taking into account the profiles of the graceful and her Most staunch defender, the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, seemed like a prize for xenophobia.
And it is that the frequent communications of both characters insulting and humiliating any political actor who did not share their postulates often entered the terrain of xenophobia against Spaniards, and not infrequently equating their compatriots with animals with clear vexatious intent.
The lack of dissimulation in such messages, as well as the loss of prestige of the award meant that not only the constitutionalists showed their outrage, but the pro-independence rivals of the PDECAT reacted to an objectively criticizable situation and took advantage of it to set a "more dignified" profile and disfigure his low behavior to his rival.
In spite of everything, both the rest of the political forces and some media consider that the damage is already done and that the prestige of the Cross of Sant Jordi (which has already been rejected by personalities of the stature of Rosa María Sardà or Albert Boadella ) has been very depleted.

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