Critical socialists promote a petition in defense of Spanish language in Spain

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The petition, which now exceeds 140,000 signatures, asks that the Spanish language maintain its vehicular character in all schools in Spain         
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José A. Ruiz 15/11/2020 2122

The amendment carried out in the new education law ("Celaa Law"), in which the requirement that the Spanish language now has a vehicular character in Spanish schools has been eliminated, has been trending. In practice, this amendment would allow communities such as Catalonia or the Basque Country to legally eradicate the Spanish language in all subjects other than "Spanish Language", as many Catalan schools already do, although currently they do so in violation of the law.

And not only has the opposition risen up against the norm, as we anticipated in a previous article, but several critical voices of the socialist party itself have risen up criticizing this new concession to nationalism, a controversy that has only increased after Bildu's explicit support statement to the socialist budgets and the pact in Navarra between the socialist party and the nationalist party.
The promoter of the petition, the socialist Antonio Miguel Carmona, has not been left alone in the petition addressed to the congress, but many socialists, including historical ones like Alfonso Guerra himself, have publicly seconded the petition that they have registered in the following link from
This petition aims to be transversal and not only appeal to socialism but to the whole of citizenship, emphasizing that "we must not subtract, but add", knowing that the suppression not only of bilingualism but of all the common features that unite the different Spanish cultures is essential for secessionist plans.
At the time of publication of this article, the petition to Congress continues to grow and is approaching the goal of exceeding 150,000 signatures.

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