Court sentence favorable to Inma Alcolea, the police agent persecuted for not submitting to nationalism

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The Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia considers that the sanction is not motivated and that her presumption of innocence has been violated         
Noticias (Layetania)
José A. Ruiz 14/06/2019 4116
This Thursday has been made public the ruling of the Court of Justice of Catalonia in which it admits the appeal of the Mosso de Escuadra Inma Alcolea, therefore revoking the seven months suspension of employment and salary, as well as the forced transfer, measures all of them imposed by the division of internal affairs of the Catalan autonomous police.
Inma Alcolea is Mosso de Escuadra of the Generalitat of Catalonia, a regional police force as professional and efficient as the others, but with an undisguised politicization that begins at the top and decreases as one descends the ranks. Many Catalans call this force "genestapo", for its connivance with the nationalist political ideology of the Generalitat, but for those Mossos who put law before politics (and they should be all), the force has its own internal "genestapo" : The department of internal affairs.
The judges have warned the Home Affairs Department of the Generalitat that it can't impose sanctions of this caliber with immediate application if it's not for a much stronger motivation than the one provided, especially when the cause that is supposed to have motivated the sanctions is still pending of judgment. Going further, the judges have warned the Homeland Affairs Department that they have violated the presumption of innocence of the Mosso Alcolea.
Nationalist Mossos like Albert Donaire can exercise activism in hours of service and even in uniform while Constitutionalists Mossos such as Inma Alcolea are sanctioned for expressing their opinion in the civil field and outside working hours, which is more evident than anything else the harassment to which the agents who want to develop their functions without submitting to the nationalist ideology and critical of the politicization of the force are subject of. There are already several complaints that the constitutionalist mosso has filed against each sanction that has been considered unfair, and until now, the judges have always agreed with her.
The desire to denounce these injustices is what leads Inma Alcolea to collaborate with the constitutionalist radio station Onda Layetana, linked to this medium, from where she presents the radio space "A este lado de la ley" (At this side of law), denouncing directly and uninhibited the injustices carried out within the Catalan autonomous police.

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