Colau will be mayor again thanks to Valls

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The acting mayor justifies it to continue the "courageous" policies of his first term.         
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José A. Ruiz 07/06/2019 1136

The play of Valls topped by Collboni will finally pay off. Nationalism will not take over the Catalan capital. This has been decided at the moment in which Ada Colau announced this week that she would again opt for the mayor of Barcelona. He did not need to mention that his candidacy has all the numbers to be chosen thanks to the generosity of Councilman Manuel Valls, who gives him the votes he needs, and the socialist Jaume Collboni, willing to a left pact that leaves Colau free to seat mayoress.

The reactions of the most voted party, Esquerra Republicana, did not wait. The nationalists tried to turn Barcelona into "the capital of the Republic", but the fact of not being able to join the independence parties, which have lost strength in the Barcelona town hall, has relied on the will of the "equidistant" mayoress anti-system , forced to finally decide between left not nationalist and left nationalist.
This commitment of rival opponents (Valls and Colau demonstrated during their televised debate that chemistry that only the big enemies have) is the consequence of a very pressing dilemma for Manuel Valls, and is to choose between what is possibly an inefficient management of the resources of Barcelona or the plunder of them to support and enhance the nationalist movement. And Valls has taken an unexpected decision that has led to unusual situations as even right-wing constitutionalists are happy to have a "communist" and anti-system mayor.
Social networks have been filled with reproaches from the nationalist side, directed mostly towards Colau. In these reproaches, the voices of Esquerra Republicana make him feel ashamed to agree with "the caste" (despite the fact that they present themselves with an almost octogenarian politician, with a surname and roots and who has always lived in the shadow of power). There have also been acknowledgments, from the Constitutionalist side, very specially directed to Manuel Valls. "Thank you Valls" has been the bare acknowledgment widely spread for the newcomer councilor whose strategy has been an indisputable sign that if you know how to play well the cards of politics, any force can make a difference. Far from profiling the decline of a political figure, the partner of Citizens seems to be laying the groundwork for an interesting career that is not yet managed to glimpse.

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