Catalonia's triple leadership: Higher taxes, higher spending on politicians and worse government

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The confluence of three different reports paints a bleak picture for the inhabitants of Catalonia         
Noticias (Layetania)
José A. Ruiz 31/05/2021 2625

Rarely does a triplet like the one described, as documented and supported as the one at the head of this article, converge in an autonomous region.

The largest tax burden in the developed world
Or in other words, Catalans pay more taxes than anyone else. These are the data from the latest report from the Instituto de Estudios Económicos (IEE). Especially bleak is the graph of regulatory tax pressure, which indicates that the area of ​​the world where people are paid the least is Estonia, followed by Latvia, and the area of ​​the world subject to the greatest tax burden is Catalonia, followed by Italy and Chile. To give us an idea, the tax burden in Madrid is 86% higher than that of Estonia, while the tax burden in Catalonia is 186.8% higher than that of Estonia and slightly less than double that of Madrid. In short, right now for the Catalans the definition of "tax haven" is "anywhere outside of Catalonia". This is the report prepared by the IEE:
The community with the worst government in Spain
This is what emerges from the European Quality of Government Index of 2021 prepared by the Quality of Government Institute of Goteborg. In its latest report, it attributes the worst quality of government and the highest rate of corruption to Catalonia, which snatches the position from Andalusia, which in 2017 was the worst government with a score that was double the Catalan during the term of Susana Díaz and just before the attempt unilateral secession in Catalonia. Since then the negative Andalusian note has moderated slightly (going from -0.675 to -0.654) while the Catalan note has worsened, going from -0.303 to a chilling -0.837. You can consult the full report at this link: and see the interactive graph here:
The highest spending on politicians in Spain
With 15.68 million euros in salaries for its highest officials, Catalonia holds the undisputed leadership in terms of how much politicians cost citizens. Although the highest salaries correspond to positions in Madrid (€ 92,004 compared to € 87,577 in Catalonia), the fact that there are 179 high positions in Catalonia compared to 114 in Madrid means that the total cost in Madrid is 10.49 million euros compared to 15.68 million in Catalonia. So, in Catalonia politicians cost half more than in Madrid, something that we have known the same month in which Artur Mas retires with a pension of € 7,662 per month. On this occasion the report has been sent to El Confidencial by the Ministerio de Política Territorial y Función Pública, and you can access it at this link: senior-positions-autonomous-communities_2452403/
The conclusion is devastating. In Catalonia they pay more taxes than anyone else in the world and they have the worst autonomous government in Spain in which they spend more money than the citizens of any other community. It's hardly surprising that Catalonia also stands out in a fourth section: The lowest turnout in history in the last regional elections. It seems clear that the disagreement between the Catalans and their politicians is also of record.


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