Catalan nationalism campaign - They aren't the racists, The Spaniards are

Cartel de las juventudes de Esquerra Republicana apostando por unos "Paises Catalanes" libres de racismo. - José Antonio Ruiz - Layetana Media
Nationalism reacts to accusations of racism trying to reverse the roles         
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José A. Ruiz 24/02/2020 1661
This is the nationalist message. They aren't racist, the Spaniards are. And to defend against them they must raise borders.
After the latest controversies caused by the declarations of nationalist positions such as the Minister of Culture Mariàngela Vilallonga and the mayor of Vic Anna Erra (both of JxCAT), which referred respectively to the "Catalan race" and the differential "physical features" of the "native Catalans", have returned to resurface all those racist statements spilled by current and former nationalist leaders. This joint image that obviously includes Quim Torra (the Spaniards are "Beasts with human form who drink hate") and Oriol Junqueras (the Spaniards have "more genetic proximity to the Portuguese" and the Catalans have it "with the French") , Carles Puigdemont ("we have to expel the invader"), Jordi Pujol ("the Andalusian man is a man destroyed and poorly done"), Heribert Barrera ("black people have a lower IQ than white") and many other figures relevant to the nationalist environment, both in ERC and in the environment of what was once called Convergencia. And that ideas gives an image that isn't appropiate in a movement that tries to sell itself to Europe as open and tolerant.
This new campaign seems to want to combat the perception of the exclusionary character of nationalism, linking objectives as disparate as the lifting of borders or the "Països Catalans" (the "Grossdeustchland" of Catalan nationalism) with something as opposed as the fight against racism and exclusion ( The phrase "volem acollir" or "we want to welcome") reads prominently on the poster. It's curious that can be necessary to raise borders to be able to welcome, just as it's curious that racism is linked to a whole group that cannot be cured of such scourge and to which those borders must be closed.
Because racism can only be fought with education, changing people's mentality, and not with new borders. The ERC approach, therefore, is not only inconsistent, but it contradicts itself, as it comes to say something like "close our borders to the racist race".
The strategy of accusing the enemy of one's sins is a constant in Catalan nationalism. Already in the days of Artur Mas his party (which was then called Convergencia Democràtica de Catalunya) was campaigning with posters whose legend said "for a country in which no Catalan feels a foreigner in his land", in what was another reversal of full-fledged roles, since it's precisely the nationalist "differential fact" that has always separated the "native" Catalans from the "charnegos" (literally "dogs without a breed"). This strategy of attributing the own sins to the enemy led the corrupt nationalism to invent the "Spain steals from us" to which they had to give up when international evidence and ridicule forced them to do so. And the same could be said of his efforts to classify any discrepant of his nationalist thesis as "fascist" while using the instruments of fascism to confront criticism.
But the ERC strategy may not only be a general image laundering of nationalism, but also another way of distancing themselves from its main enemy: The PDECAT (or JxCAT, or whatever they want to call themselves today), because although racism is very present in both parties is in the Quim Torra's in which it has become especially visible in recent years, with a leader who has said and written authentic barbarities, who worshipes fascists as the Badía brothers and surrounded by a clique like Budó and Vilallonga who complete a picture that any international observer would describe as far right, while the formation of Junqueras defines itself as leftwing (although the acts don't accompany such a definition) and as an alibi against the accusations of xenophobia has at head of the negotiating table a "charnego convert" as Gabrial Rufián, someone whom previous ERC leaders like Joan Puigcercós would not have speak with simply because he speaks in Spanish. In this regard it's worth noting in the photo that accompanies the article the small note, much more humble, which claims "No to immersion", in protest against the prohibition of Spanish in schools.
Be it either of the two reasons, the bleaching of neo-fascism or political tacticism, Esquerra Republicana, the force that currently leads Catalan nationalism, reverts the roles to accuse the rest of Spaniards of "racists", through a sign in which Catalonia The Balearic Islands, part of Aragon, the Valencian Community, part of Murcia, all of Andorra, part of southern France and the Italian town of L'Alguer are annexed. A seemingly integrative message but really exclusive and expansionist, which discredits itself, since it implies that racism is inalienable to the Spaniards, who are "genetically" unable to change, so that the message could be perfectly interpreted as follows:
"Let's build our borders, annex the neighboring territories, create the "Catalan Countries" ... and get rid of the racist race".

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