British nationalism blocks parliament in order to silence the opposition

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This maneuver, also used by Catalan nationalism, has been described by Nicola Sturgeon as 'dictatorial'         
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José A. Ruiz 31/08/2019 1198

The current British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has extended the deadlines beyond usual to keep the British parliament closed and thus prevent the opposition from presenting objections or alternatives to its rupturist plan to reach a no-deal Brexit. This maneuver of British nationalism is similar to that carried out in the last two years by Catalan nationalism, which opens the parliament only for issues related to the nationalist conflict and keeps it closed the rest of the time, which has caused the Catalan chamber has been more than a year without promulgating a single law.

The Scotland PM, Nicola Sturgeon, has spoken of "black day for democracy" and has described as "dictatorship" the acting of the British leader who has opted for an exacerbated nationalism. The suspension of parliament will take effect only a few days after the ministers return to work in September, and will conclude a few days before the deadline for Brexit. In spite of everything, the British prime minister has obtained the approval of the queen.
The matter has not only unleashed the protests of Johnson's political rivals, but has raised dissenting voices among his own party and has been answered with mass demonstrations in the streets of London.

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