Bildu and ERC bet on Sanchez to meet their goals

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Never before have the Otegui and Junqueras formations supported a Spanish president         
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José A. Ruiz 07/01/2020 1525
The investiture of Pedro Sanchez could fail only with a vote changing direction, and that has led Bildu to position itself in favor of the still acting president. The support of the Otegui party was concretized in a statement made yesterday in which they affirmed that given the possibility that any socialist deputy (or from another party) could change their mind, the independentist formation could vote YES on Sánchez. An unprecedented support from a formation that draws on former members of ETA and does not condemn terrorism (Otegui only apologized in case they had caused more pain "than they had the right to cause"). Bildu's goal is the same as that of the extinct terrorist formation: to achieve secession from the Basque Country and Navarra.
And at the last minute Esquerra Republicana has dropped that she could do the same: They will explicitly support Pedro Sánchez in exchange for a consultation only in Catalonia.
Yesterday's plenary session was tense, with constitutional formations calling for "dignity" to socialist parliamentarians and with the spokeswoman for Bildu calling King Felipe VI "authoritarian", in a series of disqualifications to the monarch before which neither Sánchez not even the rest of the socialists responded, framing them in the "freedom of expression". Meanwhile in the street there were demonstrations against Sanchez's pacts with Esquerra under slogans such as "with Esquerra No".
The Catalan nationalist formation, on the other hand, maintains its support despite the criticisms of Puigdemont, already MEP, who is in a very uncomfortable position, since he runs out of excuses to criticize for "lazy" an agreement that even Bildu supports. The ERC nationalists justify their support for Pedro Sanchez on the grounds that the pact with the Socialists will make possible a consultation in which only Catalans participate, and insist that their goal remains "self-determination".
The outcome will be known in a few hours, but what has become clear is that the Basque and Catalan nationalist movements trust Pedro Sánchez as the only option that can make possible the secession of their respective territories. Sanchez's support for nationalist reasoning is unprecedented in a Spanish president, so they'll not miss this opportunity to meet the objectives they once defended through non-democratic means.

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