Barcelona under siege. What can you do?

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Catalan nationalism blocks the roads and paralyzes the activity in Barcelona. This is what you can do.         
José A. Ruiz 13/10/2019 20622

The judgment of the independentists trial for the attempted coup d'etat of 2017 is already handed down. Those responsible already know the penalties with which they will pay for their actions: Convictions for sedition and embezzlement of public funds with penalties ranging from 9 years in jail (the "Jordis") to 13 (Junqueras).

As a "response" nationalism has called a "country strike" (a political strike disguised as a labor strike). This strike is promoted by the intersindical CSC, a pseudo-union created and directed by Carles Sastre, a former militant of the terrorist bands EPOCA and Terra Lliure and convicted for the murder of Jose María Bultó, who died after the explosion of a bomb that an EPOCA commando tied to his chest. To circumvent the legality, the strike has been registered as a labor strike, although no one hides its political intent, since they have changed the date of the call twice to try to place it right after the sentences.
Nationalism intends to cut roads, sabotage infrastructures, isolate people and paralyze city activity. They want to "sell" the act as a popular clamor pro-"political prisoners" and pro-independence, and if someone loses their nerves and attacks them, that's what they want. They need to repeat the image of "repression" against a "peaceful movement."
How do they plan to do it?
The plan will be executed in two clearly differentiated phases, and depends on the mobilization (or demobilization) of its adherents.
1 March to Barcelona. Clearly inspired by Mussolini's march to Rome, with which he consolidated his fascist regime (although they like to refer to Ghandi or Mandela), it will probably begin on Monday, October 14, and will run slowly throughout the week, obstructing the maximum number of roads with the people they can have.
2 Barcelona under siege. At the end of the march, possibly on Friday, October 18, nationalists arriving from all nationalist areas over Catalonia will be entrenched in the capital (that's mostly non nationalist) in order to stop all activity. As in 1714, they want the city to be besieged by the invaders. That will be the moment of greater disturbances and confrontations with the authorities and with the citizens that don't support them.
What options do you have to cope with this days?
We cannot allow them to sell their story. We must denounce his incivism and his undemocratic behavior. If you agree with this premise, you can do the following:
* If you have to leave home, do it. Don't shut yourself up for fear.
* Have your mobile fully charged.
* If you are going to drive, have a full tank.
* If you think you can get stuck in a traffic jam and you can prevent your children from suffering from it, avoid it.
* If you find the streets blocked, record it on video and comment on the sabotage. Upload it to social networks.
* If you notice that any public official or law enforcement officer helps the protesters, record it and upload it.
* If you see someone who needs help and you can help him, do it. Calm down, a little water ... everything contributes.
* If you see an uncivic behavior, people complaining about vandalism, record it, comment it and upload it.
* If you are close to nationalist activists, avoid the confrontation. Never put yourself at risk.
* If the situation makes you desperate, don't lose your patience. Your condition is that of many. Record it and report it.
* If you post comments, photos or videos on Twitter, include the Hashtag that you consider that is related to the "strike" and that is trending topic. It can be #VagaDePais, #BarcelonaBajoAsedio or whatever. So your complaint will reach everyone.
The first phase has already been launched. Since the nationalist leaders try to avoid any direct relationship with the violent acts, no instructions have been circulated, and so far the most radical have taken the streets without a plan to interrupt traffic. In the next few hours we will know what the actual follow-up of the secessionist plan is.
We fill social networks with a call for help in the face of totalitarianism. We are the victims and they are the aggressors. Let's not give them AN EXCUSE so they can say otherwise.
Nationalism will burn its last cartridge with all its rage. It's up to all of us that the world see its totalitarian face once and for all.

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